When you move in, you found your unit ready to occupy. We ask that you leave it in

“market ready condition”. The following is an easy checklist to ensure prompt state of

account after you vacate.

1. Live-up to the terms of your lease, termination is no later than 12:00 noon on

the last day of the month

2. Contact Utilities companies (if you pay for power, heat, water) Cable TV, and the

Post Office to change your address

3. Leave your forwarding address to ensure no delay in return of your security


4. Have the move-out inspection completed in your presence. This should be

booking with the office as soon as possible, to ensure a convenient time for you

5. Make sure that the following items are done before you leave:


• Wipe light fixture/shade

• Wash all windows and tracks (inside & out if possible)

• Wash all walls/floors/baseboards

• Wipe all electrical outlets/covers

• Leave walls free of nails, tape, etc.

• Leave curtain rod, roller, ends


• Clean cabinets (inside, outside, on top and handles)

• Defrost/clean refrigerator (DON’T FORGET THE RUBBER SEALS), pull out

from wall to clean behind and leave out for inspection. NOTE: Do not unplug

or shut off refrigerator

• Clean the stove/oven/racks/elements/broiler pan and pull out from wall to

clean behind and leave out for inspection

• Polish sinks/counters. Do not take stoppers

• Wash walls/floors/baseboards

• Wash all electrical outlets

• Wash light fixtures and shades



• Wipe down all shelves

• Wash bi-fold doors

• Wash floor/baseboards

• Wash all walls


• Clean all shelves/bi-folds

• Leave curtain rods/rollers/ends

• Wash all windows (inside and out if possible)

• Wash all walls/floors/baseboards

• Wash light fixtures


• Clean toilet (do not forget caps)

• Clean tub/tiles/taps

• Clean sink/taps

• Wash mirror

• Wash walls/floors/baseboards

• Wash light fixtures/shade

• Wash all windows & tracks (inside and out if possible)

• Leave curtain rod/rollers/ends

• Do not take sink plug/bath plug


• Wipe all electrical outlets

• Replace all broken or burnt out light bulbs

• Wash all lino/laminate floors

• Remove all nails/stickers/tape

• No garbage/furniture or debris of any type is to be left inside the


• Wipe heater vents

PROFESSIONALLY steam clean carpets throughout (if applicable – Rug

Doctors not acceptable)

If cleaning/maintenance is required, CAM Management will charge $43.00 + GST per

hour with a minimum three hours cleaning charge should any work be required in the unit.

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