Notice to Vacate

Please accept this as my/our 1 month notice to vacate.

All Tenants and occupants will be vacated and the property available for possession on or

before 12:00 noon on the last day of the month.

I/We will contact the Landlord at to set an appointment to complete the move out inspection report.


______________________________                                    ___________________________________

Tenant Signature                Date                                              Tenant Signature                          Date


Forwarding Address/Information if Available_____________________________________________________________________


Keep a copy of this notice for your records

  •   This notice must be served at least 1 clear month prior to the end of a term lease.

  •   This notice must start on or before the 1st day of the last month and end on or before the last day of the last


  •   The inspection must be done during daylight hours.

  •   All keys must be turned in at the time of the inspection.

  •   The lawn must be cleaned & mowed. Sidewalks & drive way clear of ice & snow and the garage and sheds

    cleaned and swept out.

  •   All carpets must be steam cleaned if there are stains, excessively dirty high traffic areas or a pet was living

    in the home.

  •   It is recommended that both the Landlord and Tenant take independent photos for a clear record of


  •   The home must be clean and all property removed from the premises. Including but not limited to...

  • All appliances (Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, Microwave, and Range Hood) must be cleaned inside, outside and underneath. Turn off fridge/freezer and all doors left slightly ajar

  • All cupboards, counters, sink & closets/pantry wiped out with mild warm soapy water 

  • Floors swept, vacuumed and cleaned

  • All walls washed and free of nails, tacks and adhesives DO NOT FILL HOLES

  • All windows cleaned and window coverings present

  •  All light fixtures cleaned

  • All doors, trim & baseboards wiped down and/or dusted

  • All toilets cleaned and sanitized, bath tubs & sinks cleaned and free of soap build-up. 

  • Please supply the Landlord with a list of any maintenance that may need attention

A Landlord cannot charge for normal wear & tear, if you are concerned about a specific issue please ask your Landlord for direction. 

Please see cleaning checklist for more details on move out guidelines

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